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Weekdays 4-6pm

Richard Syrett

Richard Syrett is a 30-year veteran in the trenches of major-market talk radio, first as a producer, then host. For the last 20 years, he has been a near-constant presence on Toronto airwaves during which he has built a reputation as a fighter and a fearless and trusted seeker of truth. Throughout his career, Richard has steadfastly refused to run with the herd, or ‘go along to get along.’

The Richard Syrett Show, heard weekday afternoons on Sauga 960 AM in Toronto, serves up a steady stream of common sense, controversial and unapologetic truth bombs, news analysis and opinions, and compelling interviews with newsmakers, opinion makers and political leaders.

Richard approaches every show as if it’s his last as he takes on woke ideology, corporate and governmental malfeasance, corruption, hypocrisy, lies and injustice.
Richard’s brand of take-no-prisoners radio has set rating records for Sauga 960 AM.

He has cultivated a significant following among American listeners as a regular weekend host on Coast to Coast AM, the most-listened-to, late-night radio program in the world.
Richard is the founder and President of Strange Planet Productions Inc., which produces a weekly syndicated radio program and podcast which explore alternative realms, UFOs, the paranormal, and high strangeness.

Richard is a proud father of twin boys and husband to the Mighty Aphrodite. He and his family reside just north of Toronto.