Are you feeling helpless, lost and afraid, like a cork tossed upon an angry sea? Are you disturbed by the state of society and culture? Are you dismayed by the loss of rights and freedoms you once took for granted? Are you done with social engineering, political correctness and indoctrination? Do you despair for your future, your children’s and grand children’s future?

You are not alone. Take heart. The Richard Syrett Show, weekday afternoons on NewsTalk Sauga 960 AM, is a beacon of light and positivity. Richard Syrett is a seasoned broadcaster, a principled conservative, and an eternal
optimist who believes deeply in the power of human potential, ingenuity, entrepreneurialism, family, freedom and dignity.

The Richard Syrett Show is your daily audio antidote to groupthink and a How-to Manual for surviving and thriving in a chaotic world. Most importantly, Richard delivers good news, a new age of conservative populism is arising and is sweeping the globe.

Join Richard every weekday from 4 to 6pm as he discusses the forces and agendas shaping our culture, our communities, and our families. Richard delivers
news and opinion with humour and common sense, in-depth analysis of important stories and trends, and compelling interviews with news makers. Dark clouds have gathered, a storm is approaching, but be not afraid. Help has arrived.

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James Pew

The Anti-Woke Book Club – Mondays 4:48

James Pew is an independent researcher and writer, and editor of the Woke Watch Canada Substack. He covers in depth the manifestation and intersection of social justice activism within indigenous politics, education, police reform and other social issues. Wokeism, identity politics, grievance studies, gender ideology and the long march through the institutions are terms associated with a revolution that viciously attacks Western values. Unlocking the mechanisms and explaining to readers the nature of the social justice revolution, along with offering arguments in defense of liberal & democratic values, is the general theme of James’ work.  

Besides Substack, James’ writing on indigenous issues has been published by True North, The Western Standard, The Dorchester Review, and The Frontier Center For Public Policy.
You can find a complete list of Anti-Woke Books at 

Chris Vaughan

The Night Sky Watch – Tuesdays 4:48pm

Senior Astronomer and Earth Scientist at
Co-Author of 110 Things to See With a Telescope

Tony Heller

The Cult of Climate Change – Wednesdays 4:48pm

Tony Heller is a geologist, electrical engineer, forest ranger, school teacher, full-time bicyclist and lifelong environmentalist. He’s very active on social media countering the official narrative concerning man-made global warming. He is the founder of

Jerimiah Tittle

This Day in Rock History – Wednesdays 5:48pm

Jeremiah Tittle is Co-Host of The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers podcast
which counts down the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Josh is also Founder and CEO of Next Chapter Podcasts.

Heather Mason

In Defence of Women – Thursdays 4:48

Richard welcomes various members of Canadian Womens Sex Based Rights (CAWSBAR) a non-partisan, volunteer coalition working to preserve the sex-based rights and protections of women and girls as enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Heather Mason, is a former incarcerated woman at the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Ontario. After overcoming drug addiction, she now advocates for women in the justice system. She focuses on the failure of the prison system to treat addictions and other mental health issues as well as the issue of men self-identifying into women’s prisons.

Amy Eileen Hamm

In Defence of Women – Thursdays 4:48

Amy Eileen Hamm is the co-founder of the women’s lecture series #GIDYVR and a regular contributor to The Post Millennial. She is a registered nurse educator and mom with two boys. Together with Esme Vee, she writes, produces and co-hosts the podcast Gender Critical Story Hour.

Linda Blade

In Defence of Women – Thursdays 4:48

Linda Blade is a track and field medallist and a sport performance coach with over 25 years’ experience. She holds a PhD in Kinesiology and has conducted research and university-level seminars around the globe. Her book entitled Unsporting: How Trans Activism and Science Denial Are Destroying Sport was released in early 2021 and quickly became an Amazon best-seller.

Mia Ashton

In Defence of Women – Thursdays 4:48

Mia Ashton writes for Michael Schellenberger’s Substack Public.
She is the lead on caWsbar’s child safeguarding campaign, which seeks to alert Canadians to the harm gender ideology is doing to our children.

Greg Carrasco

There’s Something Happening Here! with Greg Carassco – Friday’s 5:38pm

Greg Carrasco is a Dad first, Brazilian jiu jitsu student, Host of The Greg Carrasco Show -Saturday mornings 8-11am on Sauga 960AM – the most influential and largest Automotive talk show in Canada, President and CEO of Wild Wolf Enterprises. Greg is also Vice President of Operations and General Manager of Oakville Nissan and Oakville Infiniti and Co-Owner of OCTA BJJ in Oakville.

The LimRiddler

The LimRiddler joins Richard every Friday just before the news at 5pm with another LimRiddle. A Limriddle™ is a riddle in the form of a limerick.

The object is to solve for a single word. The word has different meanings, but all have the same spelling, though sometimes not the same pronunciation.
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